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New Market Expansion

From auto manufacturers to retailers to software companies - small and large - we have helped firms launch greenfield operations in over 180 US MSAs, plus more than 30 major metro areas in 22 foreign countries. 

We can pull together the team to help with legal matters, incorporation, finance, tax, compliance, HR & employment, PEOs, risk management, marketing, distribution, and more.


Portfolio Strategy & Planning

What global markets should I consider for software development, or for call center expertise?  How many empty desks should I have?  How can I estimate my future space needs for a 3 or 10 year lease?  What do I do with that extra space that I don't need?

Alzette team members have helped some of the world's most dynamic companies plan for their real estate over the long-term.

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People - HR & Recruiting

Whether you are looking to build or reinvigorate your talent acquisition programs, cultivate your unique people culture, or support your staff with the right compensation, benefits, and perquisites, we can help.

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Workplace Design & Technology

Some say brilliant interior design is about colors, materials, and fabrics.  We believe that thoughtful layout and smart technology have the most dramatic impact on human interactions, morale, collaboration, productivity, and wellness.

Alzette team members have worked with a wide variety of designers, psychologists, sociologists, and technologists to deliver some of the world's most innovative and inspirational workplaces - in  order to attract and retain top talent, foster amazing client interactions, and more.

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Project Management

Alzette team members have overseen ground-up new building construction from $1 million to $1 billion in value, interior fitouts from 3,000 to 800,000 square feet, office moves from 10 to 2000 people, and more. 

We can help you assemble the professional team, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers; drive competitive bidding; and manage quality, cost, and schedule.

Project Management

Facilities Management & Workplace Experience

Gone are the days where the facilities team defines success by "keeping the lights on".  Alzette team members have established and led some of the world's best teams that deliver the total workplace experience

We advocate a hospitality model, where employees and visitors are treated like guests at a hotel or restaurant.  The front of house team - reception, meetings & events, food services - must work seamlessly with the back of house team - maintenance, post/mail, print and supplies, and more.

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